Episode 15: Contest Prep Mindset

Episode 15 with hosts Alice Round & Sean Mclaney touch on the mindset associated with bodybuilding/contest prep. Also giving tips on navigating the lows and highs. Discussing the various mindsets you may go through in prep and how to assure you stay motivated & positive when times get tough!
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Episode 14: Online Coaching & Body Image Social Media Pressure with Sami Rose

Online coaching seems to be very trendy right now, but in a saturated industry is it a good idea to become a online coach? Where should you begin? And is it a career for YOU specifically? We have guest Sami Rose on of @samirosefitness with co host Alice Round @aliround @team_round with a combined 10+ years of online coaching to run through the pros and cons as well as pressure on females in the health space and body imagine online. Talking comparisson and self doubt and more hot body image topics. Enjoyed it? Leave a review and 5 stars! Email questions to info@aliceround.com

Episode 13: The Secrets to GAINS part 1

Episode 13:
Hosts Sean Mclaney and Alice Round discuss all things GAINS aka hypertrophy in this episode. Understand how growth actually occurs and then how you can apply these principles in the gym. We discuss the 3 way gains occur and where your time is best to be spent and structured with exercise, rep range and intensity methods.
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Episode 12: Reverse Dieting, how to not YO-YO diet

Episode 12: Reverse Dieting

Your hosts discuss Reverse dieting, what it is, what the goal of it is and how you can do it in a variety of ways to optimise your goals and also your health and mindset. Dieting is often the easy part, alot of people struggle with the reverse and the after effects which will be covered today. How to not FK up your reverse diet & also mindset tips to stay on track. Agressive vs Slow reverse diet Pros/Cons from your coaches.
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Episode 11: Q & A- Nutrient Timing, Training for performance, growth & More

In todays episode we cover questions from Alice’s social media & email. If you have any questions you would like covered in the future please email info@aliceround.com or DM @aliround. Topics today cover nutrient timing when flexible dieting, is it important especially in a contest prep? How should you perform cardio for improved performance? How to build muscle in terms of diet & training and more.
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